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Introductory Call-Discussion of Needs (30 Min)

If you are looking to see if Knowledge Anywhere would be a fit, but are in the early stages of determining your needs and would like to bring other colleagues in on the demo at a later date, then this is the meeting for you!

This meeting will provide you an opportunity to voice your needs, hear background on Knowledge Anywhere–its products and customers, and determine the overall fit of our organization to help meet your need.

(30 minutes)

Demo of Knowledge Anywhere LMS (45 min)

Interested in hearing more about our LMS?

Schedule a time with our sales team to take a deeper dive into how we can help meet your need.

(45 minutes)

Demo of Virtual Reality (45 min)

Virtual Reality? In Training?

Yes, Knowledge Anywhere is making it a reality!

Interested in seeing how Virtual Reality can be applied to training and can immerse your learners in real environments to equip them with necessary on the job skills. Schedule a demo with our sales team to see how we are making training more immersive than ever before!

(45 minutes)

Course Development (30 min)

Lacking the time and bandwidth to build your own courses? Leverage Knowledge Anywhere as an extension of your team. Simply provide us with the subject matter expert and any relevant material already completed and we will build the course for you, allowing you to get more work done!

Schedule a 30 minute discussion to discuss your needs further.

(30 minutes)